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Learn the Line LTL IconLTL demo

Best described as Minesweeper1 for Bell Ringers this is a game that will help you learn new methods.

Download from here

13 doubles methods
Plain Bob, New Bob, Winchendon Place Bob, St Hilary's Bob, Stedman Bob, Union Bob, St Martin's Bob, Shipway Place Bob, St Simon's Bob, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, Grandsire, Stedman, Erin

16 minor methods
Plain Bob, Little Bob, Double Oxford, St Clement's College, Double Court, Single Oxford, Kent Treble, Oxford Treble, Norwich Suprise, Cambridge Suprise, Beverley Suprise, Surfleet Suprise, Carlisle Suprise, London Suprise, Ipswich Suprise,  Bourne Suprise

Two levels of difficulty
show/hide the bell exit route

Windows 95 (or above)
1.1 Mb of Hard Disk space

Released as Nagware2 you get 30 days to decide if you like it. If you do then please register your copy by sending me 10.
In return you will get the latest version and a Release Key to stop the nagging.

1 Minesweeper is a Microsoft game that comes as part of Windows.
2 Nagware - fully functional software that you may evaluate for free, but has a
   'nag' screen to remind you to register the product

updated 12th July 2003
 © Copyright 2003 Squid Software, UK. 
All rights reserved.


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