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CSV Table Viewer CSVtvIcon

Originally written as a utility for viewing the csv files used by Preactor tm.
CSVtv can be used for viewing any csv file that has a structure similar to the expected file format.

Download from here

Expected file format

Part No,Product,Op. No.,Operation,Quantity,Setup Start
1-HFG,Splined Shaft,123FGH,10, Rough Turn Diameter,22/12/00 15:09
1-HFG,Splined Shaft,123FGH,20, Mill Keyway,25/12/00 13:44


Click the column header to sort the data by that column.
To sort by multiple columns hold the shift key down whilst clicking.


To group the data by a particular column, click and drag the column header to the bar above the grid.

Windows 95 (or above)
1.1 Mb of Hard Disk space

Released as Nagware1 you get 30 days to decide if you like it. If you do then please register your copy by sending me 10. In return you will get the latest version and a Release Key to stop the nagging.


1 Nagware - fully functional software that you may evaluate for free, but has a
   'nag' screen to remind you to register the product

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